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Traveling to Cancun or Riviera Maya?

CANCUN & RIVIERA MAYA - Magical and Enchanting Destination in the CaribbeanCANCUN & RIVIERA MAYA

trip to Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Cancun and Riviera Maya are two of the most visited tourist sites in Mexico, with beautiful beaches, iconic pyramids and options for the whole family. If you always dreamed of knowing these heavenly destinations, located in Quintana Roo, learn how to plan your trip to enjoy every moment

1.Cancún and Riviera Maya are separated by a distance of about 80 km, in both places you will find a good selection of hotels, however at hosting the first destination is more crowded and touristy, if you like a little rhythm perhaps calmer is better option to stay in the Riviera

2. In Cancun and the Riviera Maya attractions are what is left, so unless you go many days it is difficult to do everything. Plan activities in advance and make an itinerary with a fair balance between beach, fun and culture with archeology. If you need help with taste will support you

3. The cenotes are one of the main attractions of the area, these natural wells in limestone terrain through a tunnel complex line is connected to the sea, you will find several eco-theme parks and archaeological sites such as Cobá or Chichen Itza and you can not help but visit

4. Do not fill your suitcase repellents and sunscreens because you will not get anything in the main sites and cenotes is forbidden to use this product unless they are biodegradable and natural in order to not leave residue in the water. The place offers a wide variety, so you can buy when you arrive

5. Although it can be tempting do not stand alone in the hotel, this place gathers the remains of one of the largest pre-Columbian cultures, the Mayans, know its history and visit pyramids as Coba, Tulum and Chichen Itza is an experience not to be missed

6. Evaluate your budget, invest in this experience, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are places that really need to fully live and experience, enjoy the local food and do not miss the opportunity to get close to nature, culture and the many options sports offered in the area. This trip, for sure, will be unforgettable


  • > Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer many options so it is very important to plan your trip
  • > Sometimes less is more, do not try to do it all if you do not have time, it's better to know a few things but enjoy fully
  • > Mexico is known for its spicy flavors and varied, and remember to wear protective stomach antacids before embarking on this trip
  • > The food offered by hotels is not usually the most typical of the area so if you want to try the food enters any of the inns you get in the way, you will not regret



    Things to appreciate
    CancUn & Riviera Maya

    Places to see
      - This area of ​​Mexico is home to many vestiges of one of the largest pre-Columbian cultures, the Mayans, so a must on this trip is to visit at least one of the two major settlements in the area: Cobá, Chichen Itzá or Tulúm, follow the links and discover the wonders they have to offer to travelers

    • - Eco parks you can enjoy the combination of ecology, archeology fun and make it an ideal place to visit with your family and have a fun filled day place, here you'll find a selection of excursions.

      - Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy are wonderful places that invite you to relax and marvel at the best combination of Caribbean landscapes to take your breath and simply unmissable archaeological past that invites you to dive deeper and deeper into the Maya culture, if you love nature and see new places

      - Go to the Riviera Maya and not know at least one of the many cenotes, is almost like not having gone, is that these particular formations underground rivers are found only in the Yucatan Peninsula and certainly will leave you amazed

      Good trip and enjoy a lot!

  • what to do
    Cancun & Riviera Maya

    Travel Cancun & Riviera Maya

    - In Mexico the electric current is 110 volts. Plugs are two-pin flat and


    - At the airport there are several options to get to your hotel, if you come bundled with any operator they will go through the group or if it were not so; you can hire before your trip private transfer you can easily take with punctuality and safety, an operator will be waiting for you upon arrival; You can take a taxi or go by bus from the ADO line that will take you to Cancun or Playa del Carmen and from there and you will locate your hotel to reach it.



    - Make trips to the sites you want, ask everything you want to know to be an unforgettable experience that allows you to have an experience where you learn, know and live the experience taking you a pleasant memory. Here is a selection of activities either packges (circuit) or in tours one day

    - Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes that hold the foot, cotton clothes well because you sweat a lot and plenty of water.

    Good trip and enjoy a lot!


    Cancun & Riviera Maya

    Aditional information

    Today tourists also want to know and enjoy shopping. So any tourist destination worthy of the name should offer the most numerous and nurtured range of purchase options. Happens in "Cancun and the Riviera Maya." In stores you can find the area before all crafts (find a wide range of options and prices, we suggest you find the highest quality), jewelry, food products, arts and typical tourist souvenirs.

    Specialities: Mexican crafts are very lively, have many colors, so you feel like buying something. You can find carvings, ceramic pots, hammocks, clay crafts, etc. Huichol art. If you move through touristy shops you'll get tired of seeing the same designs, looking a bit more to find options inside the country with recognized quality in any way in the world.